The Retropie Arcade 2 Player unit is the flagship of the Retropie Arcades. The unit comes with a 2″ arcade trackball, authentic Happ buttons and Zippy Joysticks. Play all your fighting games with your friends. Have a Mortal Kombat party. Remember the unit is portable and you can bring it to a friend’s house.

  • Made by Hand
  • 3/4″ wood
  • Zippy Joysticks
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ Quad Core Computer
  • 64GB Micro SD Card
  • Happ Arcade Buttons
  • Arcade 2″ Trackball
  • LED Lights (Trim, Front Strip, Trackball, Buttons)
  • Authentic Arcade Vinyl Look
  • Plays tens of thousands of games (more can be easily loaded)
  • Built in Wi-fi
  • USB port (more joysticks, mouse, keyboard)
  • Low Voltage Power Supply (5V 2.5A)

STARTING AT: $750+ Shipping & Applicable Taxes


Or Call Alex if you have any questions: 587 899 1969

Vinyl Skin Choices:

ARCADE CLASSICS (Green T-Molding, Green LED Strip, Yellow and Green Buttons)
BLUE MAME (Blue T-Molding, Green LED Trim, Blue and Green Buttons)
ARCADE YELLOW (Yellow T-Molding, Yellow LED Trim, Yellow and Red Buttons)
RED MAME (Red T-Molding, Red LED Strip, Yellow and Green Buttons)
NEON ARCADE (Blue T-Molding, Blue LED Trim, Yellow and Blue Buttons)