1 Player Unit

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The 1 Player unit does allow 2 players to play, just taking turns. To play games where 2 people are on the screen, there is a USB plug in the back to add controllers.

  • Made by Hand
  • 3/4″ wood
  • Zippy Joysticks
  • Happ Arcade Buttons
  • Authentic Arcade Vinyl Look
  • Plays thousands of games (more can be easily loaded)
  • Built in Wi-fi
  • USB port (more joysticks, mouse, keyboard)
  • Low Voltage Power Supply (5V 2.5A)
  • 64GB Micro SD Card Included
  • Powerful Raspberry Pi 4 Computer Inside
  • HDMI out to any TV or Monitor

Arcade Yellow

Galaga Special Edition

Ms. Pac Man Special Edition

Pac Man Special Edition

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